Furniture Mother Nature would be proud to call her own™

Make your very own, natural and, lifelong furniture.

Our products are all about empowering people to live more sustainably (healthy) and just lives through one's personal creative capacity and resourcefulness; we all have some! We define empowerment as providing the ability to; design, craft, style, and build everyday things we use routinely over our lifetime, like furniture with the wood all around us. It's everywhere!


What's required? A love of trees and wood is helpful!

With just a few simple hands tools, some locally recovered lumber or some locally harvested wood and our LifeWise Joinery, you'll be empowered to build your very own lifelong furniture.


As for the woodwork, don't worry about not having the time, tools, and skills, ask friends who might be eager to help who do. Have a work party and invite them over, so there's no need to build it yourself. Many people in your community (handymen and women) would be more than happy to provide a helping hand, even do it all for you if you like!


All you need to do is cut your wood into defined pieces, drill holes and recesses (countersinks), and apply a finish to the wood and joinery if you wish. Adding your LifeWise Joinery completes the assembly, as it all bolt's together in a sustainable fashion. It's just that simple!

Why, it's so important to put all our organic, so-called solid wood waste to work today?

Every day we burn and bury an immense volume of wood in our communities and around our world, destroying it's natural (healthy) potential, hastening the release of its embodied (sequestered carbon) greenhouse gases, back into our atmosphere. On the flip side, is our continued consumption of products made of wood from dying great forests from around the world. We believe continuing to do these things is irresponsible! We hope you agree with us so we can put a STOP to these wasteful, unsustainable (unhealthy) and unjust living practices.

Burn it or bury it, either way, it's all the same, further destruction of our planet and our children's future. Scientists have warned us twice in recent times that the direction we are going is just MORE of the same and without a GLOBAL URGENCY TODAY as our children's future health and justice is in jeopardy. 

We ask, why cut and ship endangered forest wood around our world when wood just as good, just as beautiful is all around us that we burn and burn every day.

The moral of this story is why do we allow deadly and destructive harm to continue to our planet and our children's future when ending it would produce so much good for them and planet, —something no amount of money could buy or technology could produce.


If you agree that we need to do and act more responsibly, join us in our effort to empower people and communities everywhere to put an end to burying and burning natural resources, like wood, especially. Help us promote sustainable and just living products and practices the world over, giving our children hope for a healthy and just future.

Creative Twenty-First-Century living products empowering just and sustainable living to assure our children a just and healthy future.