Tamalpais NatureWorks is squarely focused on designing and producing the world's most empowering, creative and sustainable furniture.


There are many aspects of our furniture that elevate our furniture to this high position, the following are the main contributing factors.


  • Our Iconic Joinery —the heart and soul of our modular furniture.
  • 100% Modular —Modularity is the most essential element of a sustainable product, as it makes, making, assembly, repair, and recycling possible and simple to perform.
  • Urban Wood —Urban wood is the world's most sustainable wood and is our wood of choice. To learn more about urban wood see our WOOD page above.
  • Made locally and sustainable, by local people, and from local urban wood. See our Wood page to learn more.


If global warming, declining natural resources, and our children's future particularly concerns you there's good reason for choosing our twenty-first-century modular furniture, as our furniture is sustainably made locally and made mostly from local urban wood.


NOTE: Our Iconic Joinery is made with low carbon steel (mostly recycled) or stainless steel. Steel is the world's leading recycled material, more than glass, plastic, paper and aluminum combined. And because steel can recycled over and over its among the world's leading sustainable materials.