Mighty Wings™


Maker Kit™

A Mighty Wings Maker Kit includes a Mighty Wings instructions manual, four Mighty Wings Iconic Joinery assemblies, sixteen cap-nuts (5/16), and washers. The Mighty Wings bench does not include matching and required carriage bolts. They are excluded because the thickness of the slab or lumber can vary depending on the thickness of the wood one has. Note: Hardware stores generally only carry carriage bolts in half inch increments, and not quarter inch. If you find you need a quarter inch increment size, you can order them from us or purchase on on-line. See our Resources Page —Fasteners.


The minimum wood thickness for the seat and legs is an inch and a quarter. This is based upon the length of the cap-nut which is 5/8 inch. See Fasteners page to learn more.


Now you can make your own heirloom quality furniture with a MAKER KIT, some urban wood, a few hand tools, and some pleasurable stress reducing time.