There's something extraordinary about creating things yourself, whether it's clothing, food preserves, or furniture. For some, it's a form of creative self-expression, while for others, it's about saving money. Still, others see it as a way to live more responsibly, justly, and sustainably. The great thing about making things yourself is getting all of the many benefits rolled into one. Whatever your motivation may be, we're happy that you're here.


Maker Kits don't require expensive power tools or advanced woodworking skills, just a few basic hand tools (handsaw and hand drill) and skills will do. If have no tools or experience don't be afraid to ask someone you know for help. And if you don't know anyone reach out to a local woodworker, or handyman or handy women who can do the things you can not.


Maker Kits include step by step instructions, Iconic Joinery, cap-nuts, and a hex key (wrench) used to tighten the cap-nuts, and a template for identifying hole locations. Note some kits may substitute certain fasteners and tools, and may require purchase of carriage bolts because there's no standard size.








The time it takes to make your own depends upon your skills, your tools, and your available time. It's important to understand there's no urgency, like Rome wasn't built over night. If you on the other hand you are sleeping on a floor, that could be good reason for working on it with every bit of free time.


Even though making your own can be fun and highly rewarding, mistakes can cost time and money. Worst yet an accident with a tool can cause serious injury. To insure you have few if any mistakes and no accidents be sure to read manufactures safety and operational instructions throughly and make safety first in all things. Safety first begins with having all the required safety gear for protecting eyes, ears and fingers especially. To learn more about making your own see Maker Kits menu selections above.


If you love the idea of furniture made locally from local trees but the work unfortunately makes purchase impossible, we understand entirely. We are working to develop a certified list of local wood workers who can do any or all of the work.