Furniture Mother Nature would be proud to call her own™


Our stylized steel joinery has a new name, LifeWise Joinery™

Our joinery is the heart of our furniture and empowering kits for Twenty-first-century living. Build your own furniture; tables, desks, beds, chairs, benches, stools, sofas, even outdoor structures, like cabanas, pergolas, pavilions, and more. Use any kind or type of wood; new, used, hard, soft, or any shape consistent with its size. We offer several stand sizes design around nominal lumber sizes and full dimensions, and which works well with hardwoods (4 quarter, 6 quarter and 8 quarter).

We changed the name of our furniture joinery to LifeWise Joinery from ArtUniony Assembly™ to better reflect its lifelong potential, its strength, and durability, to meet the needs of Twenty-First Century consumers seeking to become more self-sustaining, as money alone can not buy sustainable lifestyle.


LifeWise Joinery is unique as Its creative capacity and empowerment is like no other, as it enables one to design and make their own lifelong furniture with just a few basic tools and skills. LifeWise Joinery joins all vertical and horizontal structural parts. LifeWise Joinery is stylized and made from recycled steel, as steel is the most recycled material in the world joinery. Recycled steel from scrap has a high recycling rate of up to 99%.


Imagine designing a piece of furniture and embellishing it with your own designs using stencils, paints, wood burning, and far more. Part of the making process is the design. You are the designer, choosing the wood, and finish, and any artistic embellishments. It a product of our time, saving the world's remaining great forests by using local wood from old buildings and urban trees. Design for everyday people, like you! We hope you like it.

If you doubt your ability to undertake such a project, ask a family member or friend to help, it's a great bonding experience that one will long remember.

NEW bench kit, SwiftBird™ a personal bench for all who wish to build their very own lifelong bench for momentary relaxation or dressing.

It's a great first kit to get a feel for making your own furniture using our LifeWise Joinery. It includes four LifeWise Joinery assemblies (including fasteners), two steel tie rods. Just add your wood, used or new, will do. Roughly 8 to 28 hours to complete. Time varies according to one's experience, skills, and tools. Finish your LifeWise Joinery with most any kind of paint. We recommend acrylic paints because they are durable,  easy to use, easy to touch up, and inexpensive. There are many other good options, and we will be providing a complete list with the next update of this page.

—Left, a photograph of a prototype made with redwood by hand. —Right, a model, same bench (model) using urban forest sourced 7quarter wood, and our Alpine Redwood™ LifeWise Joinery.

Click link below to check-out urban forest suppliers and more. Use it as a dressing bench, a porch bench, an entry way bench, or wherever you have a need.  Complete joinery kit, starting at $99. Complete satisfaction or your money back!

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