Iconic Joinery™

Double Ginkgo Maidenhair™

Art form

Canyon TwoStep™

Art form

Tree of Life™


Our Iconic Joinery is the heart of our modular furniture and empowering Maker Kits™. We call our joinery Iconic Joinery because it can be made in the likeness of any art, like the examples above. Iconic Joinery is made of recycled steel and it's fasteners can be exposed or hidden depending on deign objectives. Iconic Joinery works much like a vise, with each turn of the fasteners, wood parts and Iconic Joinery becoming one, yet completely reversible for moving, repair, restoration, storage and eventually recycling.


In contrast to today's furniture most is glued and screwed together; and when joints especially are damaged, it generally spells its demise. With our Iconic Joinery, repairs can be made simply by removing and repairing or replacing the damaged part. Repairability is the first order of importance in designing sustainable living products.


Our Iconic Joinery is made primarily of recycled* steel for enduring strength and extended long life. Iron and steel especially have had a long and complementary history in construction of wood structures and furniture. Today steel is the world's leading recycled material, as it can be recycled over and with little if any loss of integrity.


Fasteners include carriage bolts, cap nuts, and washers. A hand tool (aka allen wrench) works like a screwdriver for tightening, loosening, or removing fasteners. It's that simple! Note: Maker Kit's don't generally include carriage bolts because the thickness of the wood one uses can very widely.