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Iconic Joinery is modular joinery for self-made heirloom quality furniture and commercial fixtures for retail, hospitality and government needs.


Iconic Joinery is the heart of our modular furniture and empowering Maker Kits™. We call our joinery Iconic Joinery because it can be made in the likeness of two dimensional or three dimensional art forms or designs, as simple as a butterfly or as complex as a three dimensional design. Iconic Joinery is made primarily of mild recycled* steel for enduring strength and extended long life. Iron and steel have had a long and complementary history in constructing wood structures and furniture. Today steel is the world's leading recycled* material, as it can be recycled infinitely without loss of integrity like aluminum.


Our Iconic Joinery is very strong and versatile and it's fasteners can be hidden, or exposed depending on deign objectives, see the examples above.


Iconic Joinery employs steel fasteners to secure Iconic Joinery firmly with wood parts modularly and they can be exposed or hiddden. Our Iconic Joinery works like a vise, with each turn of the fasteners (nuts), the wood parts become firmly joined to one another yet completely reversible for repair, restyling, moving, or storage. The fasteners consist of common carriage bolts, round cap-nuts, and washers. A hand tool similar to a screwdriver is used for tightening, loosening, or removing fasteners. It's that simple!


Most furniture today is glued together; when a glued joint is damaged, it generally spells its demise. With our modular joinery, repairs can be made simply by removing and repairing or replacing the damaged part. Repairability is the first order of importance when designing sustainable living products.

The illustration above shows a cap-nut (female) havng inside threads, a washer and a carriage bolt with outside threads. Cap-nuts come in various styles, sizes, shapes and tool heads, generally hex or torx style like above. We use both depending the size and requirements of a project.