Wood finishing is quite simple and straight forward. An important step is preparing your wood for finishing. Manufactures of sanding materials and tools, as well as paint and stains producers provide a good starting point —so read there instructions even if this is not your first woodworking project. Pay particular attention to safety instructions. Sanding is an essential process and generally requires sanding with several different courses of sand paper. Sanding can be tedious and tiring so its important not to skimp on the time, especially if you are looking to achieve the best results. See our Resource page for companies who offer stains, oils, waxes and color paints for wood.


Metal finishing —Sanding, grinding, priming and painting is quite simple and straight forward as well. Like wood, metal surface preparation is vital to a quality finish and appearance. Pay close attention to manufactures use and safety instructions. See our Resource page for companies who offer decorative colors and patinas for metal art work.

The EPA's website offers information regarding health and safety of people and planet. Here's a few links that you may find helpful if you have questions and concerns.

What are volatile organic compounds (VOCs)?