Our benches are our most popular product.























Above we have new community and corporate benches that feature popular skylines and landmarks —custom made to any length.
























Pictured above is our Mt. Tamalpais bench featuring a profile of Mt. Tam with our Canyon Redwoods™, Iconic Joinery which has been a favorite among our customers.

































Above is our first redwood slab bench made from old growth redwood salvaged from the Cal Park Hill tunnel in San Rafael, between San Rafael to Larkspur Landing. It was built using our Canyon TwoStep Iconic Joinery


































Our new BridgeWay™, Iconic Joinery was used in the design our Golden Gate Redwood Bridge bench above. Our benches are custom deigned and built to fit your exact needs.







































The bench above was made with certified lumber (sustainably forested). This type of redwood can found at some lumber yards. It's sold as second growth redwood and is considerable younger than old growth. It may not be as strong as old growth but is just as beautiful.


If you have a favorite view of Mt Tamalpais or any skyline we can recreate that view in the backrest of a bench or the headboard of a bed. See our Wall Art that includes these same designs which we call Feature Boards.