Tamalpais NatureWorks was founded in 1994 to create a product that could help  create greater value and purpose for all the solid urban wood generated in communities from fallen street and yard trees and lumber in demolished structures. This wood is just as good and beautiful as any in the world. As much as 30 millions tons urban wood (USA) ends up being used for purposes that create fewer jobs, and allow the stored (sequestered) greenhouse gases to escape back into the atmosphere. Understanding all of this, we came up the idea  of modular steel joinery that screws together, making it exceptionally strong and fully repairable. We call our joinery Iconic Joinery, as it can made in the likeness of any art form, including logos and product identities for commercially applications.


In 1997 we introduced our modular furniture at San Francisco's Spring Furniture Market. Since then we have created a number of variations making it even more adaptable and versatile.


The following are a few notable events.

  • 1999 We designed and built the Master Bedroom bed for the Marin Designers Showcase.
  • 2002 We became the seventh Marin Green Business to be certified.
  • 2005 We presented our Urban Forester Table to 500 mayors of the world at the United Nations World Earth Day held in SF.
  • 2012 We received a CalRecycle, Cool California honorable mention for putting urban wood to work —reducing solid wood waste and greenhouse gases.
  • In 2017 We designed and built our first all-steel modular pedestrian way-finder (kiosk) at the corner of Telegraph Avenue and Bancroft Way in Berkeley.