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I've been away for a while working to bring greater attention to the many unhealthy and unjust threats that exist today for our planet and all life. To this end, I created a new organization to communicate it's mission and work, it's called OHIAS, and stands for "Our Health Is At Stake." Scientists have warned us twice that our planet's health is failing rapidly, and our children's future is in jeopardy. You can learn more by visiting OHIAS at

Our stylized steel joinery has a new name, Everlast Joinery™

A decision was made recently to change the name of our joinery from ArtUniony Assembly™ to Everlast Joinery™. This was decided to better reflect the needs of a large and diverse marketplace of makers, of all types and kinds; woodworkers, carpenters, builders, furniture builders, handymen and women, DIY homemakers and more, and additionally, better reflect the needs of a growing and diverse marketplace of workers in new construction and deconstruction industries and the urban forest industries.

Our Everlast Joinery was created to empower everyday people to design, make, create, craft, build their own LIFELONG furniture using any type or kind wood, new or used!

A new bench — "Build Your Own" (BYO) kit coming!


For all who love trees, wood and nature especially, and would like to "build your own" (BYO) bench, or simply "craft your own" (CYO) is about to debut!


With a BYO bench kit, you'll be empowered to build your very own lifelong bench for your bedroom, porch, or wherever! It includes 4 Everlast Joinery™ assemblies, full size working patterns, and detailed instructions. Customers provide their own wood, old or new, it's all good, and its everywhere! Retail: starting under $100 —  empowerment worth five times as much!


With a CYO bench kit that includes all wood parts unfinished, you'll make it your own. Just apply your chosen finish, and if you wish, make a box cushion to fit, using your choice of fabric, or upholstery material.

Thank you for reading, it means the world to us, that you care, together we can change our world for all our children.

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