Mt. Tamalpais
Marin County, California, USA

Mt. Tamalpais is the name of this 2,571 foot high mountain that sits on the California Pacific Coast just north of the Golden Gate where Tamalpais NatureWorks is located. The name Tamalpais was given to this coastal mountain by early Spanish settlers who joined the native Miwok Indian word tamal, meaning coast or bay with the word pais meaning mountain. Mt. Tamalpais lies within the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, the world's largest urban park with 74,000 acres spanning the counties of Marin, San Francisco, and San Mateo.

Below, Bon Tempe Lake is in the foreground and Mt. Tamalpais is in the background. Behind and south of Mt. Tamalpais is the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco Bay, the City of San Francisco.

Looking east to Mt. Tamalpais from Bon Tempe Dam.

Mt. Tamalpais from Six Points above Deer Park

Mt. Tamalpais from the Yolanda Trail

Looking south towards Mt. Tamalpais from Loma Alto

~ Sleeping Maiden ~
From San Rafael looking
southwest to Mt. Tamalpais

Mt Tamalpais from the top of Baldie

Oat Hill from Alpine Lake

Naked Ladies above Muir Woods
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Pacific Fog above Muir Woods
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