In 1910 the Pacific Lumber Company completed construction of the world's largest redwood sawmill, Mill B, in the company owned town of Scotia California. The new mill contained four GIANT SIZE band saws with blades 80 foot in length and more than a foot wide. This gang of four over 91 years almost completely devoured some of the world's tallest and largest trees. The result was some of the finest old growth redwood ever produced, some with 40 or more (growth) rings per inch (RPI). Compare this to todayŐs second or third growth harvests where the typical growth is a mere 5 RPI. Mill B closed in 2001 when the once countless ancient giants became few and far between. The closing was just two years following Julia HillŐs two year tree sitting protesting the cutting of the few remaining ancient trees in the Headwaters Forest. To learn more about Headwaters Forest Reserve click the Headwaters graphic on the right.
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The decorative construction hardware shown in the photography is the Alpine Redwood. To its left is the Spirit Redwood. The Spirit Redwood was especially designed to honor ancient redwood trees. All orders for this table and other furniture built with this old-growth wood will be made using this hardware unless otherwise requested. To learn more about our construction hardware click the text (AUA) on the far right.
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The wood used to build this table is from the salvaged timbers used to construct Mill B beginning in 1907, making it some of the oldest wood in the world. One can easily count 38 rings per inch in this table. Mill B was deconstructed in 2003 by North Cal Wood Products of Ukiah, California. To learn more about North Cal click the graphic on the far right

The glass in this table was cast and appears as ice frozen in time, while its many shades of green are continually changing as it absorbs and reflects light, especially so during the course of a day as natural light moves in, around and across an interior space. Staged lighting especially after dark can be soft and subtle or spectacularly alive. Designed and cast by artist Robert Shank.

More about old-growth tress and lumber: The majority of old-growth redwood we use was originally cut and milled 100 years ago (+/-10 years). We acquired this lumber form salvage companies who salvage building materials and lost logs (sinkers), logs lost in rivers and lakes many decades ago. Old-growth is generally defined as: a virgin forest or woodland having a mature or overly mature ecosystem more or less uninfluenced by human activity. Its definition can further include number, size, and age of trees per acre. To learn more about old-growth click the graphic on the far right.

Other products in our Ancient Redwood Collection include tables, benches and beds. Call us or sign-up for our NatureWorks News list (e-mail) so we can notify you when these products come online.
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Spirit Redwood
For those who like this table but find it unaffordable, consider one of our Evermore furniture kits. For a lot less money you can build your own, no special woodworking skills or machinery is required. Look for these kits to be added to our site in the near future. If you would like to be notified when our kits are made available on our web site, please click on our Evermore logo to the right.
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