Tamalpais TimberWorks Changes Name

San Rafael, California, 2/17/02 -- Tamalpais TimberWorks designers and builders of environment and people friendly furniture has changed its name to Tamalpais NatureWorks. Our new name better reflects our mission, our spirit and the materials used in the design and construction of our products, said founder and owner Bill Callahan.

When we first introduced our Arts & Culture furniture in July 1997 our thinking was that wood and metal would be the predominate furniture materials and that Tamalpais TimberWorks was a fitting name. Today, nothing much has changed in the way we build furniture or the way we join wood and metal to form a decorative furniture joint. What has changed is our appreciation for how well other natural materials, such as stone, marble, ceramics, glass and organic paints have added new dimension to our furniture. Our new name, Tamalpais NatureWorks better says what we are about -- designing and building natural products with nature’s most natural materials.

More News:
This past year, Earth Day 2001, Tamalpais NatureWorks introduced a new product, a furniture kit called BYO (Build Your Own). With BYO, customers now have a choice of either buying a complete furniture kit that includes the wood, the hardware and a colorful organic finish, or a hardware only kit that includes the hardware and a set of building plans.

With one of our complete furniture kits, most anyone can now build a piece of furniture that is beautiful, natural and enduring. These kits are so easy to build that we guarantee them to be, kid simple!

For the semi-skilled individual, there's a hardware only kit, that requires one to acquire his or her own wood. While the hardware only kit requires some skill with some common power tools, it's nothing more than simply cutting lumber to the desired length and drilling a few holes. In a day, one can build a beautiful piece of furniture that will easily last a lifetime. As for the type of wood one selects, it doesn't need to be an expensive, exotic and endangered tropical hardwood, it needs to be nothing more than some discarded or salvaged wood. We are always amazed as to how beautiful recycled wood furniture turns out (see recycled table photograph attached).

Both kits come with a lifetime guarantee, instructions and one very simple hand tool used to complete the assembly.

With all the fine qualities including a lifetime guarantee, one would be inclined to think our furniture kits would be expensive, they’re not. When one understands that they can now build a piece of lifetime furniture with as little as some discarded lumber, the cost drops dramatically while its value increases significantly. Tamalpais NatureWorks BYO furniture was designed from the beginning to be an outstanding product on all points, including its price.

Tamalpais NatureWorks products and pricing are available through our web site, tamalpais.com. We can also be reach by email, info@tamalpais.com or by telephone 415-454-9948.