Tamalpais NatureWorks Announces EcoBuilder™ Availability - EcoStyler™, EcoConstructer™, and EcoPremier™ to follow - 04/22/08

Evermore Sustainable Furniture Kits, Empowering People and Planet.

San Rafael, California, USA April 22, 2008 – Tamalpais NatureWorks announced today they will begin taking orders for their EcoBuilder furniture kits. EcoBuilder kits were designed and created to empower everyday people to build their own furniture creations using little more than some found wood, a.k.a. waste wood. Although created for use with found wood, one can use most any type or kind of wood: be it new, soft or hard, green (wet) or dry, straight or not so straight, square or round, or having irregular shape.

The empowering component of Evermore lifelong furniture kits is its joinery hardware called an ArtUnion Assembly (AUA). Using AUA hardware and some common framing lumber, construction is simple and straight forward and requires no prior woodworking experience or power tools. Boards are simply cut to length and holes are drilled for attaching the hardware. The two most important tools, barrowed from yesteryear are a hand saw and a hand drill. Tamalpais NatureWorks promotes the use of hand tools over power tools because they are easier to learn, they are safer and do a better job because they work at ones own pace. Further they cost less, will last a lifetime and they don’t require electricity or batteries thus making them healthier for people and planet. What one builds will become a lifelong treasure, a reflection of ones self, help conserve natural resources for future generations, and improve the health and quality of life for all people.

Waste wood might not sound so good if you’re thinking of building quality furniture, but most of this so called ‘waste wood’ is not waste at all, in fact much of the wood coming out of deconstructed buildings is as good or better than can be found at ones local lumber store or home center. Some of it is even very high quality old growth lumber. An even greater volume of so called waste wood comes from our urban forests in the form of dead, dying, diseased and/or storm related downed trees, so many trees that its collective volume is equal to a third or more of all commercially harvested hardwoods across the nation annually. The sad thing is that most of this wood from both of these sources is burned to produce energy for the moment or buried in a landfill, or ground up and used as ground cover. You might think that burning the wood for energy or grinding it up to make a product makes good sense, but all of this only accelerates the release of GHG (Green House Gases) into our environment and further hastening the pace of global climate change. By putting so called waste wood to work in long lived products such as furniture will put less demand upon our forests around the world and produce less GHG in the process.

EcoBuilder is just the first of four kits under our Evermore brand, the others coming later are: EcoStyler, a complete unfinished furniture kit which one finishes and assembles, EcoConstructer, a complete finished kit requiring only assembly, and EcoPremier, a completely finished kit and fully assembled in ones home. Evermore’s diverse line of kits allows one to simply choose a kit that best suites them: their time frame, time available to do the work, their budget, and their skills and tools. EcoStyler, EcoConstructer, and EcoPremier kits differ primarily from EcoBuilder kits in that they will include the wood, FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) independently certified wood. FSC certified wood was chosen because it’s a beautiful product of our time, it’s readily available, and most importantly it comes from a sustainably managed forest, thus preserving natural resources.

EcoBuilder kit prices start at $96 for building a table, $112 for building a platform bed without a headboard, and $184 to build an un-upholstered chair, love seat, and/or sofa. For now, one supplies or makes their own cushions. EcoBuilder kits can be ordered online, and delivery is a two-step process. Customers will first receive an EcoBuilder Starter Kit that includes: an instructions guide, hardware template(s) a materials and parts list and a sample set of fasteners. This starter kit will allow customers to begin sourcing the wood if they don’t already have some, and to begin making the wood parts in preparation for assembly with the hardware when received in the second of two shipments. All kits come with a lifetime guarantee.

Tamalpais NatureWorks understands that many people may not have the interest or the time to build their own, preferring one of the other three kits that are not yet available. For these people we suggest purchasing an Evermore kit and hired a local woodworker to do the work, as Bonny and Loren McCray of Holly Ranch Texas did. They hired a local woodworker who found the wood and did all the work. Today, Bonny and Loren are enjoying the fruits of their collective creative efforts. The coffee table they built can be seen on our web site. Another benefit of hiring a local woodworker is the wood can be sourced locally as well, be it recycled or salvaged wood.

A simple video on Tamalpais NatureWorks web site proclaims, ‘Why cut and ship endangered forest wood around the world when wood just as good, just as beautiful is all around us’. The video helps put a little spin on what has been happening around the world to what could happen if everyday people would take a little time to relax, and patiently build a piece of lifelong furniture. Bill suggests building a project with a family member or friend because it generally helps make the process go smoother and a little quicker, and it can create a beautiful lifelong experience, because when all is said and done, the furniture will be the product of two who came together as one.

Bill Callahan, founder, designer and owner of Tamalpais NatureWorks was inspired as a child by Walt Disney’s movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs who had beautifully made and personalized furniture. As an adult, the work of furniture designer and builder Gustav Stickley (1858–1942), best known for his craftsman style furniture with simple lines, enduring natural materials, and ever enduring construction, thus providing lifelong service. Most of all, Bill was and continues to be inspired by natures work, he believes things made by Nature are here for our shared pleasure and enjoyment, not to make great profit from or to be wasted for a moment in time.

Tamalpais NatureWorks was established in 1994 for the purpose of creating these products, is privately owned, but wishes to become an employee owned and managed business. All interested parties, potential employee owners, and investors who are environmentally and socially oriented are encouraged to contact us.


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