Tamalpais NatureWorks
Media Appearances

Country's Best Log Homes -- Made with Love ... by you! ...
September 2001 -- page 33
LOHAS Journal -- New product news - BYO, build your own
Jul/Aug 2001 -- page 45
Co-op America, Connections -- Self Assembled Natural Furniture
Summer 2001 -- page 5
Visual Merchandising + Store Design -- Green Resources
July 2001 -- page 54
Art For The Wall, Furniture & Accesories
Sourcebook and directory of rich and varied works for the wall, fine studio furniture, and accessories for home and business. Pulblished annually by the GUILD
-- September 1999 -- page 43
Visual Merchandising + Store Design
Special - Can Retail Get Green? - Series of articles regarding greening of visual merchandising and store design -- July 1999
Tamalpais NatureWorks newest concept for store merchandising and design called Art-inDesign is illustrated in the Green Resources section - page 35.
Environmental Design & Construction
Finished Wood Products from Certified Forests -- March / April 1999
From Forest to Furniture
E The Environmental Magazine
GREEN GIFT GIVING GUIDE -- November December 1998
Forest Friendly Furniture
Finally, furniture with style and a conscience...
Sacramento Bee (Sacramento Calif.)
CALIFORNIA LIFE -- October 24, 1998
Furniture with a clean conscience!
Furniture looks good and makes sense...
Country's Best Log Home -- An Artist's Touch!
New Products -- September 1998
Tamalpais NatureWorks -- Aspen Mountain table
St. Petersburg Times (St. Petersburg, Florida USA)
Home & Garden -- May 5, 1998
From an enduring fellow, well-built furniture, by Judy Stark, Times Home Editor
No stranger to challenge, Bill Callahan turned from technology to begin creating Arts & Culture furniture with Earth-friendly overtones.
Marin Independent Journal (Marin County, Calif., USA)
-- Movers & Shakers by Dan Fost (5/4/98)
Fairfax furniture designer's life story is built on resilience
Bill Callahan stepped off the high-tech rollers coaster and now designs furniture.
Timber Homes Illustrated
1998 Buyers Directory
ACCENTS - Furnishings for Your Timber Home
A combination of wood and granite gives this small table (Mackintosh Squares) a warm eclectic flavor.
Mountain Living
Spring 1998 - now at your favorite news stand!
HIGHSTYLE - Easy Being Green
Tamalpais NatureWorks Aspen Mountain table is featured in Mountain Living's HIGHSTYLE section along with seven other environmentally friendly products.
Log Home Design Ideas
April / May issue - now at your favorite news stand!
A UNION OF IDEAS (Special Furnishings Supplement - Country Design Ideas)
Much of Bill's inspiration for designing and building furniture comes from his admiration of turn-of-the-century furniture designer Gustav Stickley, known for his Arts and Crafts or Mission furniture. "I have always admired the quality and integrity of Gustav Stickley's furniture, and my Arts & Culture furniture reflects the same high quality and distinctive simplicity of his and other Arts and Crafts-era designers" said Bill.
Environmental Design & Construction
March/April 1998
Arts & Culture furniture distinctively designed and built around artistic furniture assembly called an ArtUnion Assembly.
Stone World
January 1998
.. all of the furnishings featured in this roundup have employed modern stone working technology in some form.
Sustainable Business Network
San Jose Mercury News - Silicon Valley Life
Details, details - January 9, 1998
Using only wood from sustained and certified forests or that is recycled, the San Rafael designer uses a unique metal fastening assembly he calls an ArtUnion Assembly to join the wood. Callahan's Tamalpais NatureWorks designs attracted attention at the San Francisco Design and Furniture Show last year, in part for his extensive use of computer-integrated equipment to create additional design elements on his pieces, from designs to logos.
San Francisco Chronicle
Hot Stuff - December 10, 1997
"These ingenious metal plates enable a piece to be put together with a single tool and are an esthetically pleasing, part of the design ... you can pick your plate when you custom order your bed or table."
Marin Independent Journal
Home & Garden - December 6, 1997
"Builds environmentally friendly furniture under the label Arts & Culture."
Custom Woodworking Business (CWB)

Letters to editor regarding Forestry Issues - December 1997
Editor: Helen Kuhl
Excerpt ... we are all "consumers", consuming natural resources, day in and day out. Its easy for us to put the burden of responsibility on the other guy - as is in our case as woodworkers, to put the burden of responsibility on our suppliers and their suppliers etc. We all know, population and industrialization worldwide is ever expanding, while our home (earth) has its limits. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that we only have so much capacity. As for old growth, I feel we need to preserve what we have while we still have it, we will never have a second chance. We as consumers today, may in a few ways, benefit by the falling of these wondrous stands of trees while our offspring of the future are denied a great treasure ... we as woodworkers, need to take a stance for ourselves, our customers and the environment. It is our voices that will be heard the loudest. If we don't have fine forests, we and future woodworkers will not be able to craft fine wood furniture for an ever-demanding and expanding consumer marketplace.

Bill Callahan
Tamalpais NatureWorks - furniture
Pacific Sun
November 12, 1997
"Union of design and function with some unusual joinery ... Tamalpais NatureWorks combines environmentally sound construction and quality materials with elegant aesthetics."