Investment Opportunity

Tamalpais NatureWorks is seeking investment from a few environmentally and socially oriented investors to help bring an exciting collection of furniture with global appeal to market. A meld of nature’s purest and most natural materials and the art of nature and the art of humankind from past and present, creating sustainable furniture that's natural, artful and useful, providing a lifetime of service and satisfaction.

Soon we will introduce a new collection of furniture kits called Evermore™. Evermore consists of four furniture kits in varying stages of design and construction: Eco-Builder™, Eco-Styler™, Eco-Constructer™, and Eco-Premier™. Customers can choose a kit that suites their budget, time frame and design objectives. The Eco-Premier is the only offering in the collection that does not require some assembly. The remaining three kits offer individuals a number creative opportunities to design and build their very own furniture creation in a style that’s reflective of their personal interests and personal style. The end result is a personal creation of heirloom quality that’s unlike traditional factory made furniture.

We see ourselves as being something more than mere designers of sustainable furniture, we see ourselves as designers of tools that empower everyday people to live more sustainably and creatively, well beyond perceived ability with only basic skills and tools. There's nothing quite like it!

Please address all inquiries to the address below.

Tamalpais NatureWorks
PO Box 10107
San Rafael, CA 94912

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