Arts & Culture furniture
... how is it different?

Arts & Culture furniture differs from most furniture of our day in a number of ways. Here following are some of Arts & Culture's unique characteristics that make it truly distinctive.


Design Integrity
The essence of Arts & Culture furniture!

We have designed our Arts & Cultures furniture to be more than just a piece of furniture or mere utility. We believe there are many people today who want some, if not all of their furniture to be a reflection of who they are, their interests, their culture. We work with our materials and furniture components much like an artist working in oils and canvas or a sculptor working in clay to express a vision or subject.

To achieve the desired artistic results we rely in part on modern day technologies such as computer driven laser cutting and engraving machines, as well as old world craftsmanship of hand carving and metal forging.

The cornerstone of our furniture design is our exclusive use of a component called an ArtUnion Assembly. ArtUnion Assemblies are made of metal (mild steel, brass plate, or cast in bronze). ArtUnion Assemblies serve two purposes, as a design accent and as a structural component. ArtUnion Assemblies can be sculpted with two dimensional designs using lasers or water jets to pierce designs into the face of the ArtUnion Assembly plate, or three dimensional designs by way of bronze casting. ArtUnion Assembly plates can also hand forged to produce two and three dimensional designs with a true renaissance look and feel.

The art and design used in the ArtUnion Assembly becomes the design theme of the furniture and can be incorporated into other component parts, through hand carving or machine engraving. For example, the Aspen Mountain shown here at our web site has a single aspen leaf pierced through the ArtUnion Assembly allowing the wood to show through, and three aspen leaves carved into the underside of the glass table top. Similarly, a bed or bench could have an ArtUnion Assembly design that is also carved or engraved into the bed's head board or the bench's back rest.


Structural Integrity
Thank goodness that our earth is a living planet and was designed to endure, but even the strongest and healthiest of bodies when subjected to poisons and mistreatment will ultimately die a sooner death --
let's take better care of ourselves and our planet!

Structurally speaking, we have designed our Arts & Cultures furniture to out perform most all furniture of our day while providing customers with the greatest life cycle value. We use only solid wood, and when combined with our exclusive ArtUnion Assemblies, Arts and Culture furniture is practically indestructible. And, because of the ridged strength afforded by an ArtUnion Assembly based joint, more readily available and affordable soft woods can be used to build equally beautiful furniture with no lost of structural integrity.

You may ask, who would want to keep furniture for a lifetime, considering how interests and styles seem to be ever changing. We believe as we enter a new millennium that the focus on life will be more on the quality of things, rather then the quantity of things. That people will be more demanding of products they purchase, and they will be more attracted to products that respectful of our planet's resources and the overall wellness of our environment. People will want fewer things and of higher quality to simplify their lives, allowing for more time to enjoy life's simplest pleasures where true satisfaction comes.


Other Distinctive Attributes
Generally its not just one quality over another that moves one to purchase a product, but a collection of qualities that demonstrates true value!

Lifetime guarantee
All Arts & Culture furniture comes with a lifetime workmanship and materials guarantee.

Easy to assemble and disassemble
Arts & Culture furniture could not be simpler to assemble or disassemble, one simple tool does it all!

A scalable furniture product
Over time you might want a larger or smaller table, or a larger or smaller bed, or a different decorative head board, or additional sections to a wall unit or entertainment system. By design, most of Arts & Culture furniture pieces can be scaled up or down in size providing a solution for that new home or the expanding or diminishing family.

A furniture product with a broad economy of scale
Customers can choose custom designs, limited editions, complete kits made of exotic or common hard or soft woods*, or purchase just the ArtUnion Assemblies and design and build their own furniture creations. Even the lowest priced product offers no less integrity than the most expensive, all are guaranteed for life.

* all of the wood used in Tamalpais TimberWorks furniture comes from forests that have been certified as having well managed and sustainable forestry practices.