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Ginkgo Maidenhair Collection

The Ginkgo Maidenhair Collection table above is made from solid Honduras Mahogany (SmartWood Certified). The ArtUnion Assemblies which join the wood legs and aprons has two ginkgo leaves cut within a larger one. The word Maidenhair alludes to the resemblance of its leaves to that of the Maidenhair fern, as well as the fact that the Ginkgo tree is often referred to as the Maidenhair-tree.

Pictured above -- Height Width Depth


16.75 44 24


42.55 111.76 60.96

Other custom furniture pieces can be designed and built using the Ginkgo Maidenhair design, and can be constructed from a variety of certified woods, and finishes. See our materials section by selecting the Materials from the side bar under the Home button.

For more details or to place an order, please call 415-454-9948