The prices advertised at the Green Festival are for our EcoBuilder kits only. EcoBuilder kits do not include any wood. With an EcoBuilder kit you'll need to source your own wood, most any kind will do: new or recycled, hard or soft, green or dry, round or rectangular. To build your own furniture with an Evermore kit requires no woodworking experience, power tools or special workspace. A simple hand saw for cutting boards to length, a brace (hand powered drill) for drilling holes, and a measuring tape are the three main tools you will need. These tools are safer and cheaper than powered assisted hand tools, they work at your pace! If you would prefer a kit that includes the wood, you can choose one of three other kits: EcoStyler -- a complete unfinished kit that you finish and assemble, EcoConstructer -- a completely finished kit that you assemble, and EcoPremier -- a completely finished kit that we assemble for you in your home. To view these products click the home button below then click the Evermore logo button.
Fully sustainable, lifelong furniture kits that are truly affordable! The more work you do the more you save!
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