f u r n i t u r e & f i x t u r e s


Looking for that distinctive all natural visual merchandising furniture or fixture that will clearly differentiate you and your products?

Tamalpais NatureWorks offers such a product called Art-inDesign. Through our application of art and design, using skilled craftsman and cutting edge machinery (waterjet cutters, laser cutters, laser engravers, CNC carving, and sand carving), trademarks and product identities can be applied to all material components made of metal, wood, marble, stone and glass.

All of our Art-inDesign furniture and fixtures are built with our exclusive ArtUnion Assemblies (pat. pend.), providing a meaningful design accent and structural integrity and helping to further communicate your business and or product identities (logos and related graphics). Plus, we build everything from environmentally friendly materials!

The style of our Art-inDesign furniture and fixtures is fitting for just about any retail environment, it's especially complementary of retail environments where casual, recreational or natural products are sold.

Art-inDesign furniture and fixtures are very versatile. All types of display fixtures and furniture are possible, from wall systems, to tables, to receiving and cashier workstations can be custom designed and engineered to your needs. Art-inDesign's modular design makes assembly quick and easy with one simple hand tool.

Please contact us, we would be happy to assist you in creating visual environment that truly differentiates you and your products.