Distinctive all natural furniture and fixtures that will differentiate you and products.

We are masters in applying art and design to our construction hardware and other fixture components of metal, wood, stone and glass. Most any art including logos and product identities can be applied. We employ traditional hand craftsmanship (we love this personal interaction with natural materials) as well as latest technolgies to cast, weld, cut and engrave furniture and fixture components.

All of our Art-inDesign furniture and fixtures are constructed with our ArtUnion Assembly construction hardware. Our hardware provides a distinctive design accent and structural integrity while helping to further communicate your business and or product identities, plus we build everything from environmentally and people friendly materials!

The style of our Art-inDesign furniture and fixtures is fitting for just about any retail environment, but especially so where natural, casual and recreational products are sold.

All types of display fixtures and furniture are possible, from wall systems, to tables, to receiving and cashier workstations can be custom designed and engineered to meet your needs. Art-inDesign's modular design makes assembly quick and easy with one simple hand tool. An additional benefit of our modular fixtures and furniture is that in many cases they can be scaled or reconfigured to meet new needs.

Please contact us, we would be happy to assist you in creating visual merchandising environment that best communicates your vision, style and products.