About Tamalpais NatureWorks

Tamalpais NatureWorks is the designer and builder of environmentally friendly furniture product called Arts & Culture. Arts & Culture furniture is designed and built with a proprietary metal fastening assembly called an ArtUnion Assembly. Tamalpais NatureWorks believes furniture should be more than a short lived utility or a quickly passing trend, that furniture should possess qualities of art and culture and pay tribute to the natural materials used in its construction, and that furniture should be a lasting investment and a reflection of the things one loves and values most.
Tamalpais NatureWorks Environmental Opinion and Business Ethics
Today western civilization can easily be characterized as a sea of manufactures supplying an ocean of consumers who consume a mountain of products with each and every day. And with each day a significant portion of every product is discarded as waste (landfill) with no benefit to the environment from which the materials of these products came - in contrast to nature where each product is a component of nature's cycle of life.

Sometime, somehow, somewhere we must all say, enough is enough to this madness that is quickly destroying our planet and its quality of life. Think for a moment if earth's entire population was geared to produce and consume to the extent that those in the west do today. Our earth would be in a very sad state, global air and water quality would be significantly less while our natural resources would be consumed at a rate far beyond our planets ability to regenerate and fill the void.

Today, many of the world's manufactures are more concerned about quarterly profits than the consequences their products and manufacturing processes have on the environment. Although there is talk, there is little real action. There are though, a few nations and manufactures who are deeply concerned about the quality of life and the environment. Tamalpais NatureWorks wishes to be among those who pioneer for change, for a cleaner and healthier environment for all, world wide.

We welcome our partners and customers to join with us in a celebration of life, with each of us leaving behind more (good), not less, as we all journey through life here on our planet earth.

We encourage you to provide your opinion regarding our business and environmental views, as well as on our furniture designs. Please comment by clicking on the Contact button below.

Mission Statement
Design and build furniture that clearly demonstrates an uncompromising value for quality, durability and price.

Treat all customers with appreciation, respect and honesty, and be respectful of all peoples regardless of their race, culture or personal beliefs.

Work with uncompromising honesty and integrity with all parties and individuals involved in bringing Tamalpais NatureWorks products to market.

Build and develop a spirited, knowledgeable and diverse work force where quality of work and living is paramount. Make a special effort to include youths and seniors for their energy, vision, experience and wisdom.

In the process of designing, manufacturing, marketing, selling, delivering, and fulfilling customer satisfaction, attempt to return more good to the environment than what was used.

Promote sustainable living practices by all people and businesses.

Champion the spirit of crafts people who have come before us and have provided us with the measure for which to gauge our efforts today.

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