Arts & Culture furniture for the home, office and retail stores:

Tamalpais NatureWorks presently offers Arts & Culture furniture in limited productions and custom designs for residential, business and store fixturing for retail environments. Tamalpais NatureWorks will soon be offering complete furniture kits. The kits will include ArtUnion Assemblies and all other materials. Customers will do their own finishing and assembly. Customers will also be able to buy just the ArtUnion Assemblies and design and construct their own creations.

Art in Arts & Culture furniture:
Arts & Culture furniture is aptly named because of the many ways it can incorporate art and design, ranging from ancient cultural art to modern art, and most everything in between, including but not limited to art of nature, make-believe, monograms, company logos and product identities. Arts & Culture furniture has no boundaries when it comes to application of art and design. For more about Arts & Culture art and design, see About Arts & Culture art and design.
Crafting Processes:
Arts & Culture furniture is created using a wide variety of processes, in many cases combining old world craftsmanship with new world technology. For example, the metal plates used in making ArtUnion Assemblies can be hand forged using traditional blacksmithing processes or cut with a computer controlled laser or water jet.
Collaboration with Famous Artisans:
Tamalpais NatureWorks collaborates with famous artists known for their craftsmanship in wood, metal, stone and glass in creating many of it's limited production furniture pieces. This collaboration makes it possible for Tamalpais NatureWorks to offer furniture products of extraordinary beauty and quality.