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For Immediate Release - Introducing Evermore Natural Furniture Kits

November 4, 2004 - San Rafael, CA. USA - Tamalpais NatureWorks is pleased to introduce Evermore natural furniture kits, designed and guaranteed for a lifetime of service and satisfaction. Created for green spirited, do-it-yourself enthusiasts who are seeking a natural alternative to traditional factory made furniture. Evermore natural furniture kits will be introduced at the Green Festival November 6th in San Francisco.

Four unique Evermore kits will be offered, each varying in completeness, allowing individuals to do as much or as little of the design, construction and assembly. The four kits include: the Eco-Constructor, the Eco-Styler, the Eco-Builder, and the Eco-Premier. Eco-Constructor is a completely finished kit that assembles quickly with one simple hand tool included. Eco-Styler is a complete unfinished kit that can be finished with a growing selection of environment and people friendly finishes from a number of eco-conscious manufactures. Eco-Premier is a kit that requires no construction or assembly, simply tell us where you want it and we do all the work. Eco-Builder is a furniture hardware only kit for people who wish to build their own furniture using their own wood, be it new or recycled, hardwood or softwood. The magic that makes our kits so simple and durable is our decorative hardware, called an ArtUnion Assembly.

For those who choose to build their own furniture using common lumber like that found in home improvement centers or recycled lumber yards, no special woodworking skills or machinery is required and can be constructed far quicker than traditional methods. For those deciding to purchase newly harvested wood, they should specify wood that's certified as sustainably harvested like FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified lumber. Within each of the four kits a variety of furniture and configurations will be offered. Initially, Evermore kits will be offered for building a variety of tables, beds, chairs, love seats, ottomans, couches, benches, and entertainment centers, and constructed with our SeaCliff hardware design. Eco-Styler, Eco-Constructor, and Eco-Premier kits can be ordered with any one of three types of environment friendly wood: FSC certified wood, recycled old-growth wood from deconstructed buildings, and wood from urban trees.

Lumber from urban trees is a relatively new and growing source of quality lumber being produced by local urban sawmills across the nation like West Oakland's East Bay Conservation Corps. They take large urban tree logs, such as oak, cedar, pine and redwood from around the Bay Area that have fallen naturally from storms or downed intentionally because of old age and or disease, and mill the logs into quality lumber. Nearly 3.8 billion board feet of lumber could be produced from the urban trees that go into landfills or is left to rot nationwide every year in the United States. This volume is roughly equivalent to 30% of all commercially produced hardwood nationwide each year. Typically, wood from urban trees like commercial wood is high in moisture content and needs to be thoroughly dried before being made into furniture grade lumber. Using our hardware, wood from urban trees does not need to be all that dry since wood furniture parts are tightly joined using our decorative hardware. As the wood dries the hardware can be tightened further until the wood is fully dried. When an Evermore product reaches the end of its useful life, possibly after several hundred years, it's easily disassembled and is fully recyclable.

Prices for unfinished end table kits are, $96 for an Eco-Builder, $149 for an Eco-Styler, $189 for an Eco-Constructor, and $299 for an Eco-Premier. Prices for unfinished platform bed kits are, $112 for an Eco-Builder which can build any size platform bed, $299 for an Eco-Styler twin, $399 for an Eco-Constructor twin, and $599 for an Eco-Premier twin. Availability of Evermore kits range from 1 to 2 weeks for unfinished Eco-Builder kits, 2 to 4 weeks for Eco-Styler kits, 4 to 6 weeks for Eco-Constructor kits, and 6 to 8 weeks for Eco-Premier kits. Eco-Premier kits are not available in most rural areas across the country at this time, please inquire about your location. Evermore kits will be offered through a number of independent, eco-conscious retail outlets nationwide by the end of this year. In the meantime kits can be ordered by contacting us directly. We also offer custom designed home furniture under our Arts & Culture brand, and custom commercial furniture and fixtures under our Art-inDesign brand.

All of our products can be seen at our worldwide web site at tamalpais.com. The East Bay Conservation Corps (EBCC) is a comprehensive, nonprofit educational organization located in Oakland, California and can be found on the worldwide web at: www.ebcc-school.org, and information more specific about their log milling facility at: urbantreemill.org. The Green Festival web site is: www.greenfestivals.com

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