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Tamalpais NatureWorks opens sustainable living design studio in San Rafael

San Rafael, CA, March 15, 2010 -- We are delighted to announce the opening of our sustainable living design studio in San Rafael. This is our first retail store front following years of development to create a modular system for building naturally beautiful, lifelong furniture using local sourced materials (wood and stone), says founder Bill (the builder) Callahan. What's unique about our furniture is our modular, stylized steel joinery which adds a distinctive look and makes our furniture fully repairable and longer lived than most.  Most furniture today is built the same way its been built the last 200 years, using screws and glue to join structural parts. When one of these joints fails it generally means the end of its useful life. On the other hand if one of our furniture joints or related parts are broken it can be easily replaced with a new one. Many do not think of steel as a sustainable material, but steel is the world's most recycled material, more than aluminum, glass and paper combined.

Our new venue will help us better communicate these and other sustainable features and benefits of our furniture over traditionally built furniture, and the many benefits of using locally sourced materials over materials sourced elsewhere around the world. It's mind boggling how much quality wood and stone that's wasted everyday here in Marin. Even with a slow economy, there's still a lot of waste being produced from new construction, remodeling projects, razed buildings, shipping containers, pallets, old furniture and last but not least is the waste of local street and yard trees that have succumbed to death, disease, storm or new development. These trees are some of the most beautiful trees in the world and their wood is just as spectacular and durable, I say, why cut an ship endangered forest wood around the world when wood just as good, just as beautiful is all around us. Today most of our wood waste is either buried in a landfill (as daily cover) or shipped to an incinerator to be burned to produce energy for a moment in time. Both of these destinations result is an accelerated and premature transformation of their contained carbon into greenhouse gases as they decay or are burned. By putting all this wood to some more useful and sustaining purpose we not only sequester the green house gases wood contains (helping to slow climate warming), we stimulate our local economy through the creation of new jobs and a greater abundance of locally produced green building materials.

Using locally sourced wood to build furniture is nothing new, yet most recycled wood furniture today is built pretty much the same way its been built the last 200 years, using screws and glue to secure structural parts to another. As with all wood furniture built this way life is short-lived because when a single structural part is damaged or broken such as a chair or table leg, the integrity of the entire product comes into question and discarded (wasted) for the failure of a single part. It was for these reasons I embarked upon this effort to produce this furniture, furniture that's healthy, affordable, repairable, long-lived, responsibly built and artfully crafted.

Our new design studio will also feature several past creations; a table made for the United Nations World Environment Day in San Francisco in 2005, where 500 world mayors gathered to learn about new ways to create new green jobs and healthier communities. The table was my example of the potential that greater conservation efforts might pay in terms of dividends, in addition to creating new green jobs at the street level, reducing landfill needs, products, not to mention new green jobs could be created producing high quality wood and wood products from fallen trees within world communities, wood from deconstructed buildings, wood (waste) from new construction and wood from shipping crates and pallets and wood from old furniture. The table was made from a single fallen Red Elm tree from the East Bay and was constructed using our GothicHeart modular joinery. Another featured table was built using recycled wood salvaged from the worlds' largest redwood sawmill (Pacific Lumber Company, Mill B) that was located in Scotia California. The redwood in this table has near 40 annual rings per inch, which says this wood came from an ancient redwood tree, possibly 2000 years old or older. The tabletop is a spectacular piece of cast glass that appears alive, as it continually absorbs and reflects surrounding light. We will also be debuting two new and exciting joinery designs: Mama Gaia Tango and Alphabetica.

Tamalpais NatureWorks offers a variety of furniture products according to price and market. Arts & Culture is our custom designed furniture for home and garden, Art-inDesign is our custom designed furniture and fixtures for public and commercial settings, Evermore is our collection of affordable furniture and furniture kits, where one can save money and precious local natural resources by building one's own, and WallHanger, our collection of functional wall art that does more than just look pretty.

Our new studio is located on B Street between 2nd and 3rd streets. Regular hours will be 1 PM to 6 PM daily, and private design consultations scheduled between 9 AM and 12 PM daily. For questions please email Tamalpais NatureWorks at or call 415-454-9948.

Tamalpais NatureWorks was founded in Marin County California in 1994. Became a Green America Approved member in 1998. Was certified as a Marin County Green Business in 2002. Became a Marin County Green Business Partner n 2005. This year 2010 we became a Green Business Chamber member.

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Please contact Bill Callahan at or telephone 415-454-9948.

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