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San Rafael, California May 6, 2011. Tamalpais NatureWorks was recognized as a CoolCalifornia 2010 small business by the California Air Resources Board on May 3rd in Sacramento. A Certificate of Recognition was awarded for their efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Specifics of the award revolved around their recycling efforts, natural resource conservation, energy savings, zero waste initiatives and in part for their unique and innovative sustainable furniture, which was created to empower people and communities to better utilize wood salvaged from new construction sites, building deconstruction projects and from felled community trees, salvaged from yards, parks and streets.

Tamalpais NatureWorks was one of 85 businesses who competed for a 2010 CoolCalifornia Small Business Award. The top five businesses were awarded “Business of the Year”, and 18 others received “Climate Leader” awards. Due to the number of businesses that took notable actions, they acknowledge 9 additional businesses with a Certificate of Recognition. It was from this group that Tamalpais NatureWorks was recognized.

What's unique and innovative about Tamalpais NatureWorks furniture is how easy it is to build, with modular stylized steel joinery which bolts together in a complementary and attractive way. In comparison to today's traditional furniture no glue is used, so if any part ever fails, it's simply removed and replaced. Quite a difference in comparison to today's furniture when a part fails, the whole piece is tossed out and replaced. This is the way all furniture should be built says Bill Callahan, and if it were we would see better wood utilization and less deforestation around the world, less landfill, less energy usage, and less green house gas emissions.

Tamalpais NatureWorks modular joinery called an ArtUnion Assembly was created to empower people by enabling them to build their own creations with the simplest of hand tools, a hand saw and a hand drill, like the ones used long ago before today's modern powered tools. These tools considered old-fashion are a little slower (which can be a good thing) but cheaper, safer, long-lived, don't require electrical cord or batteries and most important do a better job.

Tamalpais NatureWorks is located on B Street in San Rafael and offers custom furniture as well as joinery kits so anyone desiring can build their very own lifelong furniture creations with some found or purchased wood. Joinery kits begin at $96 to build a table, $112 to build a platform bed, and $286 to build either a chair, love seat or couch.

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