About EcoBuilder™ kits

  • EcoBuilder is a hardware only kit where you supply your own wood and do the woodwork. See what's required below.

    If building your own is not your cup of tea, then consider one of our other kits where woodwork is not a requirement. These other kits (EcoStyler™, EcoConstructer™ and EcoPremier™) that include the wood are not yet available but we hope with some success with our EcoBuilder™ kits they'll be available sooner, rather than later. Please contact us and let us know of your interest and we will add you to our email news list.

    An option is to purchase an EcoBuilder kit and hire a local carpenter or woodworker to aquire the wood (new or recycled) and build your furniture.

    What's required?

  • EcoBuilder requires NO power tools or furniture building experience. You can of course use what ever tools or machinery you wish.

  • Construction is pretty much limited to:
    • 1. Cutting boards to length using a hand saw.
    • 2. Drilling holds with a manually operated hand drill called a brace, and
    • 3. Sanding rough surfaces and edges.
    • 4. Finish, see blow.

  • Wood - Our construction hardware was designed around the use of common dimensional lumber found at a local lumber yard or home center, but you can used most any type or kind:
    • hard or soft
    • new or recycled
    • seasoned or unseasoned
    • perfectly straight and square or not exactly so straight and/or square
    • or it can be most any shape (cross-section) round, square, or rectangular

  • Hardware - Our ArtUnion Assembly™ (AUA) hardware comes in four sizes:
    • 3 inch for use with 2x4's - The 3 inch size is generally used for building tables, jointing table aprons to the legs, and joining arm rails to seat posts.
    • 4.5 inch for use with 2x6's - The 4.5 inch is generally used in joining the boards/rails (that form the foundation of seating), to seat posts.
    • 6 inch for use with 2x8's - The 6 inch is generally used in joining the boards/rails (that form the foundation of a bed), to bed posts.
    • 8 inch for use with 2x10's and 2x12's - The 8 inch is generally used in joining the boards/rails (that form the foundation of a bed), to bed posts.
    • All four sizes can be used as desired for seating backrest or bed headboard.

  • Finish - We recommend a minimal finishes, such as 100% tung oil for a more natural look and feel. If color is your thing, we recomommend milk paint. Milk paimts were used by our earlest ancestors who dwelled in caves. Milk paint is durable and ages gracefully. See our Do-it-yourself resources.

  • Value - Considering all things: our furniture and furniture kits were designed and built for a lifetime or service and satisfaction: easily repaired if ever necessary, and easily refinished, restylable or reconfigured if you wish. With EcoBuilder the more work you do the less it will cost, and if by chance your using some wood with an interesting story or historical value, your creation could be priceless one day.

  • About our EcoBuilder bed kits
    • Our bed kits are designed for both platform style beds with just a mattress and beds with a box spring and mattress. Standard sizes are based upon the following mattress sizes:Twin regular - 39x75, Twin long - 39x80, Full - 54x75, Full long - 54x80, Queen - 60x80, King - 72x80, California king - 76x84, and Eastern king - 78x80.
    • Anyone one of our bed kits can be custom tailored to fit your needs: your mattress size and desired height. There's an additional charge of $50.00 for customizing the construction specifications and instructions.
    • Please call or write us about your special needs.

  • About our EcoBuilder Seating kits
    • Because our furniture is modular and designed for lifelong use we do not upholster our seating, cushions are simply fitted to the frame. This approach allows the cushions to be removed for periodic cleaning. Aside from providing sustainable design and construction our objective is to provide our customers with the means to create their very own custom comfort, creating a truly personal space. Features of custom seating width, depth and height. Our seating is designed around a style known as deep seating.

  • About our EcoBuilder table kits
    • All tables designs are fully scalable in height, length and width to fit your particular needs. Your choice of a table top can include: wood, glass, natural stone, engineered stone or sheet metal. Another possibility includes making a very durable concrete table top. Concrete table tops can be colorized and made unique by adding a mosaic design. Although our joinery is very strong and can support heavy materials you'll need to exercise some caution in your design by not making it too top heavy.